Update 04/04/2021

- Added Jewel of Socket: It allows you to put up to +5 Socket Free Sots on Socket Items
- Added Jewel of Excelent: It allows you to put up to +3 Excelent Options on Item
- You can find these jewels only from Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Selupan and Master BC

2021-03-04 07:58

News 02/03/2021

- Updated all spots / spowns in arena.
- Sphere level 4 and 5 Fixed and work perfectly.

Upcoming Update
- We've added New sets Holy Angel, Dark Angel and e.t.c. with new weapons and 4th level wings.
- We've added custom jewels like jewel of excelent, jewel of socket, jewel of level and e.t.c.
- However these Sets, Jewels, Wings and Weapons are currently unvailable for users.
- We are still planning on how to release them and where to put the drop from !
- In the upcoming update socket items will be updated to have up to +4 free socket slots.
- Stay tunned for the upcoming update prob at the end of the week!

2021-03-04 07:47

Changelog 24/2/2021

- Balanced the damage for PVM All Characters deal same damage!
- Added 2 end level wings in the shops.
- Added 3d Quest items in the shops.
- Added Box + 1 to + 4 in the shop.
- Added command /Evo
- Added Bundle of jewels in shops.

2021-02-28 12:58


- We are glad to announce you that we successfully migrated the website.
- We have very fresh new website with amazing feautures to choose from like:
- Upgrate Normal items to up to + 3 Excl Options
- Sell your items on Auction with Bids
- Web Market
- Amazing Game Panel Fea
- 3 Different Laungages (Working on Bulgarian as well)

- WebShop and allot more!

2021-02-28 12:57

Update 21/2/2021

- Since allot of users required grand reset on 100 we've taken this suggestion.
- Now you can make grand reset on 100 Resets and take 2,500 Credits
- Cash Shop Items from in Game Cash Shop are removed.
- Now you can only buy items from Websites Webshop!
- You need to update the game client so open launcher.exe to automatically update your game!
- More updates soon to come !

2021-02-28 12:57

NEWS 17 / 02 / 2021

- Now get free Ancient Set / Skeleton Pet and Skeleton ring for 3 Days upon creating new character in game.
- *Nottice - As you know in our server is a littebit hard for non Donating players to get full gears and items, it is like that because we are offering you a Long Term Server and you need to tryhard to get full gears! We are not gonna restart or whipeout server, we are offering you long-dedicated server which is far from reseting / wipe outs and e.t.c. As you know they are plenty of servers offering you free full gears and stuff like that on grand openings and e.t.c. and they die after a month or so, as you know we dont offer such a service because our server will be from the long-last one's! If you want to paricipate in our server and you want for us to grow as a community you are welcome to join in our server, but if you are here to ask for free stuff you should know that is not gonna happen! Have a nice play!
- Check our Usefull Commands in Game Here

- Check Information About Grand Reset Here

- Check Full Server Information Here

2021-02-28 12:57

UPDATE 15 / 02 / 2021

- Prices for Donations are changed, now you get double credits for the current prices
- 3 EUR = 10,000 Credits wich is equal to 2 Full.O. Items. (Normal) and e.t.c.
- Check our Paupal donations for more information.

2021-02-28 12:56

CHANGELOG 12 / 02 / 2021

- From now on Grand Reset is Available only in game /grreset
- Use /grreset to make grand reset and earn 4,000 Credits
- Cash Shop is Enabled from now on! You can use "X" and purchase items.
- To be able to use the cashshop you need to re-launch the launcher.exe in main folder in the game, it's a little update 1MB for the client.

2021-02-28 12:56

CHANGELOG 08 / 02 / 2021

- Goldens and Bosses: Buffed
- /Reset at same spot: Enabled
- /Reset auto: Enabled, use /reset auto to turn on and turn off auto reset
- Players VS Monsters DMG Doubled
- Added Rings and Pends to Box + 1 and + 2
- Added Spowns for Resets in Lorencia,Noria, Elbeland
- You get 5 WcoinS for each /Reset
- Maximum Acc per IP Increased to 2
- Working on CashShop(x) in Game
- Working on adding jewel of excelent / ancient / luck / skill.
- 380 Level Items works from level 1, however they still require 380 level to put them.

2021-02-28 12:55

SERVER GRAND OPENEG 05 / 02 / 2021

- Server Version: Premium Season 6 Episode 3
- Experience: 5000x
- Drop Rate: 100%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Reset Level: 400 (Use /reset to make reset in game)
- Grand Reset: At 250 Resets = Credits for one full item from itemshop
- Maximum Master Level: 400
- Points Per Level (Normal): 5/7
- Maximum Stats: 32000
- Maximum Resets: None
- Golden Invasion Every 1 Hour
- Red Dragon Every 4 Hours: Spowns 1 Red Dragon at Davias right exit which will drop 1 item with 3 excelent options.
- Medusa: Every 3 Hours Drops Excelent 380 Level and Socket Items with 2 excl options.
- Kundun: Every 3 Hours Drops Excl + Ancient Items (Ancient items from bosses with up to + 2 excelent options)
- Maximum Socket Options are 2 + Full Excl Options.
- Erohim: Every 3 Hours Drops Excelent 380 Level and Socket Items with 2 excl options.
- Swamp Of Peace and Vulcanus: Drops Spheres and Seeds (Low Drop)
- Chaos Machine Rates: All Rates are 100% Without Fail
- TVT Event Every Day
- GVG Event Every Day
- King of Mu Every Day

2021-02-28 12:52